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           HAMZAH Secondary School was located in an area of 6.544 hectares. With lot's Number 1962. Hamzah Secondary School was located in the middle of Machang town, beside the Central Market of Machang.

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           There were 5 blocks of old and new buildings. In the earlier stage, this school only possessed 3 blocks of buildings, namely Block B, C and D ( like the sheet attached ). The increase of students began in the year 1980 and thus forced the school to build 7 more classrooms and later followed by 2 blocks of three stores in the year 1990 and 1993.
           The Resource Center that existed new was the alteration of 4 classrooms including one Computer Center aimed to accommodate the large number of students.
           The school hostel was also built in the year 1984 and new occupied by 71 boys and 82 girls.
           In the year 1957, a unit of teacher's quarter was built near Hamzah Primary School.
           Hamzah Secondary School possessed a mosque that could accommodate a thousand students. This mosque was built in the year 1978. Owing to the increase of students, the school and its Teacher Parent Association agreed to built a bigger mosque and estimated to be completed in the year 2001.
           This school also possessed a football field, a hockey field, a sepak takraw and a volley ball court. With an area of 11 785 m2, we managed to implement various spat programs either for the Yearly Sports or for the locals.
           This school aimed to own a school bus for the facility of the students. Hamzah Secondary School possessed about 2400 students, majority of them are the locals. Due to financial problem, the intention of owning a school bus was postponed.



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