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            The Parent-Teacher Association of Hamzah Secondary School or PTA of HSS was initially formed as  joint  organization with the Parent-Teacher Association for Hamzah National Primary School. The association was officially formed on 30th June 1963. Its registration number is KN.307. The first chairman was Yusoff Omar while its secretary and treasure were Mohamad Ismail and Yaakub Ismail respectively. At its general meeting on 22nd June 1972, members of the PTA for secondary and primary schools suggested that the association be spilt. This was largely approved.
                The PTA Committee had taken the initiative to form a new constitution in order to form a PTA for  HNSS . Nevertheless for session 1972/73 the PTA for both school was still unable to run separately. This period marked a transition towards the breaking- up of the PTA into two bodies, with different goals but similar objectives.
                The separate administration of both PTAs had been approved by the Registrar of Society in its letter No. R.S.M. 326/63/(30) dated10th may 1973. This matter had been discussed in its general meeting held in July 1973.
                Again the PTA members stressed the importance of separating the PTA as soon as possible. For that purpose the PTA for HSS was formed on its own, chaired by Mohyideen Che Tengah. Among its committee members were:
     1. Hassan Ahmad
     2. Yaacob Yusuff
     3. Tajuddin Hassan
     4. Ibrahim Salleh
     5. Rosdee Awang
     6. Yusoff Mohd Othman

Moyideen Che Tengah and his committee members were once again selected to lead the PTA of HSS in its second meeting held on 16th 1974. It was in this year too that the PTA sponsored the formation of Angling band and launching of development project to set up a 'musalla' or praying place. Now the space could house about 1,000 prayers.

Chairman                         :
Tn.Hj.Salleh Che Harun AMN,KMN
Vice-Chairman                :
Tn.Hj.Mohamad Taib
Secretary                         :
Tn.Hj.Wan Mohd.Khalik Wan Ibrahim
Treasurer                         :
Tn.Hj.Musa Ahmad
Parent Representatives     :Tn.Hj.Ismail Taib
                                       :En.Azme Mohd Zain
                                       :Tn.Hj.Ahmad Tabarani Harun
                                       :Tn.Hj.Yusoff Ishak
                                       :Pn.Hjh.Moniza Abdullah
                                       :Pn.Hjh.Moniza Abdullah
Teacher Representatives  :Tn.Hj.Md.Zain Salleh
                                       :Tn.Hj.Anuar Mamat
                                       :Pn.Hjh.Zainab Ismail
                                       :Tn.Hj.Ibrahim Mamat
Ex-Officio                        :
Tn.Hj.Mansor Abdullah

Other Significant project Implemented by The HSS PTA ever since its formation were:

  • Every year PTA contributed to the Students' Welfare Fund
  • Assisted in the work of accomplishing the 'musalla' project.
  • Paid for the School Hall chairs
  • Sponsored classes for remedial and tuition classes
  • Contributed to the 'Taman Iman' or 'Garden of Faith' project
  • Provided a librarian assistant for the school Resource Center
  • Provided prizes for excellent students in Curriculum and Co-curriculum
  • Building a mosque, beginning1997


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