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Contribution of School Management and Leadership to the Goals of Education and Local Community.

As an institution that observes excellent performance in all aspects of education, Hamzah National Secondary School has often been the center of attraction and observation for other schools and the local community. A visit to this school is often on the list of education programmed of most schools and Education Departments, be it within the state or outside Kelantan. In the context of school ľand public relationship , this school has frequently been selected to play host for several significant events at the district or state level, in the field of education as well as other social activities. This trust placed upon the school, is in tandem with its normal practices of hosting successfully in the past ,and gaining recognition from the public.

Visitor to the school have expressed their interest in learning and sharing experiences regarding school administration and management as well as the secrets of achieving success and setting an example for others to follow suit. This opportunity is also used by the school administration to exchange it views as afford to boost the progress of the school.

a) The school Drama team has been awarded as a state champion i 1994, 1995 and 1996.
    As a National Champion in 1994 and 1995 and 2nd runner-up in 1996.

b) The National Champion of dikir barat organized by Unit Anti Dadah 1994.

c) Hockey team (2) has been declared as a state champion in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997/.

d) Mas Hafizulhilmi Agus bin Abdul Rahman -A National Chess player making his way into the international scene.

                The champion of  MSSM Chess Championship represented Malaysia to the world compotation in 1994
                The State Chess Champion ( 1994, 1995 )
                Under 20 ( Asia ) best runner-up ( 1997 )
                Secured Fide Master ( FM ) title ( 1995 )

e) Akmal Ahmad Tabarani, country representative for ' Kejohanan Bola Sepak Remaja Asia ' in Jakarta 1995

f) Arifni Yahya, state representative in Piala Razak 1985 and 1986

g) Che Mohd. Redzuan bin Che Ismail resresented MSSK in hockey since 1993. He has been selected to get involve in bakat Projek Hoki
     Malaysia 2001

h) Bakri Mustapha 1981 MSSM hockey state representative.

i) Zamri Muhamad was represented Piala Razak hockey in 1981-1985

j) Zamzuri Muhd. Nor  state representative in 1988-1990

k) Mukhtar Muhidin state representative in 1988-1990

l) Fairol Azaran Fauzi state reprezentative in 1991-1993

m) Wan Shamsuri Hassan state representative in 1991-1993

n) Faizal Daud involved in hockey projek 2001

o) Ooi Eng Ting :-

         represented Kelantan in MSSM for high jump and triple jump events ( 1996 )
         represented Kelantan in Seremban Open and Kuala Lumpur - Seremban Grand Prix ( 1998 )

p) Wan Abdul Kudus Wan Mohamad :-

         represented Kelantan to MSSM Sepaktakraw since 1992
         represented Malaysia to ASEAN school in Brunei ( 1995 )
         has represented Kelantan in Sukan Malaysia ( SUKMA )

q) State Choral Speaking champion in 1997/1998

r) The school Pantun team became 3-time champion ( 1993, 1994, 1995 ) at PPD level and in 1994 the state runner-up

s) Drawing Competition Champion in Pesta Wau Antarabangsa 1994

t) Under 18 state champion in Sepak Takraw 1994

u) First state runner-up female hard ball 1996

v) State Champion and first national runner-up in one score Anti Dadah sketch competition in 1995

w) Second national runner-up in Boria competition in 1995.

x) State champion in Nasyid competition 1996.

y) Badminton squad - annual champion in PPD Tanah Merah / Machang / Jeli.

z) Tennis squad - 1996 champion in PPD Tanah Merah / Machang / Jeli.

  •  Science Poem Competition - 2nd runner-up in 1997 and state champion in 1998.
  • Basket Ball Squad under 18 (female) - 2nd runner-up in 1994.

Hamzah National Secondary School had won several competitions at the state and national levels. Some of them were:

  • Winner of Beautiful school competition at the state and national levels , 1993
  • Runner-up for Sekolah Harapan Negara , 1993
  • Champion of Resource Center and Library competition for state level ,1994
  • Second place for The Ministry of Education Innovative Award competition , 1994
  • Winner of Sekolah Harapan Negara , 1995


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