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Society / Club / Uniform Unit

 There are 27 society , club and uniform units in the school. The meetings of academic societies are scheduled during weekdays while the clubs and uniform units meet every Saturday during the first and second terms.
The societies , clubs and uniform units are as follows :-

-Form Six Society (PTE)                                              -Malay Lemguage Society
-English Lemguage Society                                       -Chanise Lemguage Society
-Arabic Society                                                            -History Society
-Geography Society                                                    -Matrematics Society
-Islamic Society                                                           -Lirning Shills Society
-Are society                                                                 -Economy Society
-Traffic club                                                                  -Comsumer club
-Computer club                                                            -Rekacipta club
-Pencinta Alam club                                                   - St .John Ambulamce organization
-Suots organization                                                     -Tae Kwon Do organization
-Public detewce squad                                                -Puteri Islam organization
-Police cadet squad                                                      -Fire brigade & rescue cadet organization
-Army cadet squad
-Seni Silat Gayung organization



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