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    At the school there is the remain of World War II stone , with the engraved mark of success for the Japanese in their efforts to conquer and gain control of Machang on 11th December 1941 after a battle against the British army. The stone with Japanese writing on it was discovered at the bank of the River Sat , in Kemuning , Machang and was brought to the school compound , upon the initiative and interest of Mohd Shukri Saad , the Principal of 1972-1982 .

In the year 1994 , the Scripted Stone was changed its position to its current location , at the History Corner of the school , upon the sensitivity of Mohd Salleh Hussein , the principal of 1983-1995 . A replica of this stone is on display at the Museum of World War II , in Kota Bharu . For all the achievements and excellence gained by the school , in the field of curriculum and co-curricular activities , the District Office of Tanah Merah/Machang/Jeli awarded the Award of Sri Cemerlang or the `Excellent Award` to the school .This was the highest award ever presented to any school. Hamzah National Secondary School has been the sole recipient of this award since . All the pictures , certificates and trophies that are related to this one and only award are on display in the Building of Sri Cemerlang . The opening of the building was officiated by the YB Dato’ Mustapa Mohamad in 1995.



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